How do I know what size group I need to hire?

The size of the group needed is determined by a number of different factors. The location of your event and the number of guests or attendees is the place to begin. You want your sound to fill the space so all of the guests can hear this beautiful element of your event. Outdoor locations have a bigger space to fill and often less favorable acoustics. Some general guidelines to use as a starting point for consideration:

  • 50-75 guests = solo or duo
  • 75-125 guests = duo or trio
  • 125-175 guests = trio or quartet
  • 175 and over = quartet or more

Keep in mind, your situation may vary. We are happy to advise you and may already be familiar with what size group works best in your chosen location.

Another factor in your decision process depends on the type of group you are hiring. They may be acoustic only, or have amplification possibilities, in which case we would need to discuss electrical access and other details. Just ask….that’s what we’re here for!


I am planning an outdoor event. What do I need to know about weather concerns?

Outdoor events are beautiful and the majority of the weddings we play are outdoors. There are just a couple of thing to keep in mind when using musicians in the great outdoors. Many instruments are affected adversely by extremes in temperature and humidity. Between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit we are quite flexible and may only need to consider shady locations if possible.

Beyond 80 degrees, we will definitely need to be in shade or under a tent. (Direct sunlight can melt the varnish on some instruments, causing irreversible damage.) Under 60 degrees we are as accommodating as possible. Often heaters and creative placement of the group is all that’s needed. We’re happy to discuss your event, venue, and circumstances to work out viable options. In case of rain, there needs to be a rain appropriate alternative.


What will the musicians wear at my event?

For most events the women are in orchestral black (dressy and appropriate) and the men are in either tuxes, suits, or all black dress attire. We welcome your requests regarding the formality of the event.


When will the musicians arrive?

The musicians arrive 30 minutes prior to when they will begin to play. It takes only a few minutes to set up and this also gives them time to speak with a wedding director or event coordinator to check on any final details.


Do musicians attend wedding rehearsals?

The musicians are not needed at the rehearsal. We work together to choose the music appropriate for your ceremony ahead of time. You are working with professionals with extensive wedding experience who are used to adjusting timing as needed. Our musicians take their cue from your timing….they accommodate and will end musical selections properly when everyone is in place.


What does a standard wedding ceremony contract include?

A standard contract includes:

  • 30 minutes of prelude music
  • All processionals (seating of parents and grandparents, entrance of the bridal party and the bride’s processional)
  • Music during the ceremony if needed and desired
  • Recessionals (typically 2 or 3 until the guests have moved on to the next location)


Do you play special requests?

Yes! We try to accommodate as many requests as possible and are happy to discuss selections that are outside of our standard repertoire. We have quite a large selection in our library and work with you to make sure that they are able to be beautifully and appropriately played by the group you’ve chosen. There may be a music purchase required for items not already available in our library.If you have a request, please ask. In most cases the answer is yes.


Do you accept credit cards?

At present we accept check, cash, money orders, and Venmo. Credit cards are also possible, with a 4% surcharge.


Can your groups accompany another musician at my event or wedding?

Our groups often accompany singers at weddings and love playing with other musicians when possible and appropriate. We can work out a rehearsal with little or no cost to ensure everything goes smoothly the day of your event.


What musicians do you use?

We hire only fully qualified, professional musicians…..no amateurs or students. Most of our musicians have music degrees as well as extensive playing experience with professional organizations. Some of our musicians (ie: bluegrass, celtic and folk for example) may not have musical degrees but do have commensurate performance experience and a solid track record of working professionally in their fields.


Do we need to choose the entire 30 minutes of prelude music for our wedding ceremony?

For the prelude you may be involved in choosing all of it or you are welcome to leave it in our hands. What many couples choose to do is to provide us with a list of pieces they really enjoy and would like to be included in the mix of prelude music. And/or they may have some pieces that they prefer are not played. We honor those requests and fill in as needed.


What wedding ceremony music do we need to select and how do we do that?

There are certain portions of the ceremony that we would definitely like for you to choose. Those are:

  • Seating of Parents and Grandparents
  • Processional for bridal party
  • Processional for the bride
  • Ceremony music (if needed or desired)
  • Recessionals

We are here to help you every step of the way, providing resources to sounds clips and repertoire lists, consultations, and email support. This is your day and we want to make it match your vision.

Have additional questions that were not answered here? Please contact us.