Rain on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is eight months away and you have booked the PERFECT venue with the most adorable outdoor fern covered grotto for your ceremony. You can envision yourself floating down the aisle on wings of a fairy and the silvery strands of Pachabel’s Canon. The whole thing will feel like storybook magic!

Move forward 8 months to your wedding day… The venue is still perfect, the grotto is still covered in ferns, the musicians are booked BUT the weather forecast is 60% chance of rain! Whether you consider rain on your wedding day to be good luck or bad, you need a new plan and fast. After all, on this one occasion, your hair and makeup will actually melt in the rain. Secondly, your guests will be soggy and miserable. Third of all, your musicians will not be able to perform because all that liquid sunshine will literally ruin their instruments. All of a sudden your perfect wedding day has gone from fairy tale proportions to nightmare with the change of a weather forecast.

As a professional musician, let me suggest a couple things for you to consider as you plan your outdoor ceremony to avoid this kind of wedding day drama.

1. A plan will prevent panic: I love an outdoor ceremony as much as the bride–it truly is magical! However, choose your venue carefully so that it comes with a backup plan. My favorite type of venue offers a backup tent for ceremony OR last minute indoor location. This takes as much stress off the bride as possible because you can imagine the wedding day for both rain and shine scenarios.

2. A good rain plan could save you $$$ in the end: Professional musicians spend a lot of money on their instruments. Sure we have them insured, but if they are damaged because we are playing in the rain at a client’s insistence, guess who foots that bill? Yep, the liability is on the bride! Trust me, you do not want to buy any professional cellist’s next instrument… A good rain plan is also controlled for your budget. You will know exactly what you are doing and at what cost, versus throwing up last minute arrangements that may cost more than necessary.

The weather on your wedding day should be a minor detail, but too many brides allow it to have monstrous proportions because they fail to plan, or just don’t want to. The most important part is that you are marrying the love of your life, rain or shine. If you have the right plan, your instruments can still be a part of this magical moment.